School Speaker Program

Stephen’s School Speaker Program is a fast-moving, 50 minute school day presentation available for high schools and middle schools.  Using the founding of SADD by students at Wayland (MA) High School following the deaths of two classmates just three days apart, Stephen highlights the power of action and the importance of building positive legacies while young.  This empowering program encourages teens to embrace the care and concern of the caring adults in their lives, particularly their parents, by sharing their “real world” and seeking help to navigate the many difficult, and potentially dangerous, decisions they face every day. Most critical, it encourages youth to look out for one another … the hallmark of SADD’s peer-to-peer approach to education, prevention, and activism!


“Stephen Wallace is not only a mentor to me but a close friend as well. He has provided me with the guidance necessary to face difficult decisions, and he can relate to both students and parents alike. Stephen is very enthusiastic and has a genuine interest in helping teenagers get through difficult times.” 

Jamie Blangiardo, Teen

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