Community Connections Program

Stephen’s Community Connections Program is offered for college students, faculty, and staff – its origins being Stephen’s own experience as a college student in Pennsylvania.  In this vital 50 minute presentation, Stephen covers the topics of leadership, service, and youth mentoring, empowering young people to become active, participating members of the community in which they go to school.  Using personal anecdotes and original research, Stephen points out the “win-win-win” nature of such commitments, benefiting the younger student, mentor, and the college or university.  Data suggests that students engaged in youth mentoring may alter their own behavior in order to best serve as a role model in the community – something Stephen refers to as a “back door” approach to prevention on college campuses!


“As a school psychologist, author, professor, and leading national advocate and spokesperson, Stephen has developed resources and conducted research that, together, shape much of the national dialogue around adolescence and risky behaviors.”

– Ron Cohen, Vice President, Susquehanna University

“I have spoken to many of the students, faculty, and staff who were in attendance at Stephen’s talk at Newbury College. The sentiments are resoundingly similar: they were touched and inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. Our community has so much to give. In many ways, this event helped them to understand why it is important to give.” 

Dr. Karen A. Miranda, Psychology Faculty

“After listening to Stephen I began to see mentoring in a much more important light. He emphasized that mentoring, even being such a simple thing, can make such a BIG difference for someone. He inspired me to see what is there for me to do in the world of mentoring.  I would like to help someone, even in the smallest ways, and hopefully make the biggest difference.”

– College Student

“I was moved during this presentation. I wanted to get up, rush out there, and do something for my community.”

– College Student

“Inspired is an understatement to how I felt after listening to Stephen!  He was an amazing speaker and his words and stories he told really hit me in a way like no other.”

– College Student

“One of the main topics that Stephen talked about in his presentation was leadership. Everyone, in a certain time in their lives, wants to be a leader. Mr. Wallace explained the steps in order for us to become a leader of anything we wish.”

– College Student

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