New Feature Article: The Boy In the Boat – Life Lessons Learned at Camp

The May/June edition of Camping Magazine features a new article written by Stephen and one of his campers, Ben Seifer, “The Boy in the Boat – Life Lessons Learned at Camp.”   The article, which appears in this special staff training edition, explores the positive outcomes of the summer camp experience in terms of overall youth development and personal growth and is targeted toward camp counselors.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ben was the boy in the boat. A gregarious go-getter whose journey through camp — and to adulthood — was inextricably linked to sailboats on the water. The lessons he learned at camp originated from, or were reinforced by, the challenges he faced as a skipper, navigating uncertain and constantly shifting conditions having to do with wind, tide, crew, and competition. Lessons about self-reliance, self-confidence, exploration, respect, and responsibility — all important metrics of a successful summer camp experience and harbingers of what follows.

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