New Feature Article: The Over/Under – A Back-Story Behind the Drinking Age Debate

The January/February edition of Camping Magazine features Stephen’s new article, “The Over/Under – A Back-Story Behind the Drinking Age Debate.”   The article explores both sides of this increasingly public debate, laying out the facts – and the science – so readers can decide which approach is best in tackling the epidemic of underage drinking.  Much like for college presidents, this is an important issue for camp directors intent on keeping underage counselors safe and alive.  That’s why Stephen will be speaking to camp professionals on this topic at the national conference of the American Camp Association to be held in Orlando, Florida this February.

Here’s an excerpt.
With the presidential debates now in the rearview mirror, another national dialogue is unfolding before the American public. It, too, is enormously consequential. Young lives hang in the balance.

Sound a bit dramatic? Perhaps, but in truth arguments both for and against lowering the minimum legal drinking age represent similar policy implications as did those addressing the war in Iraq, the war on terror, and the war on Wall Street. This particular war concerns a public health crisis that neither side can, or wants to, ignore: catastrophic rates of underage – and in many cases high-risk (or binge) – drinking.

On that point, all seem to agree. It is the answer to the epidemic that remains contentious.
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