New Feature Article: The Art of Camp – How Arts Programs Fuel Self-Expression and Youth Development

The November/December edition of Camping Magazine features Stephen’s new article, “The Art of Camp – How Arts Programs Fuel Self-Expression and Youth Development.”   The article explores the role of the arts in promoting growth, referencing the research of professors Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland documenting a series of “studio habits of mind” – including persistence, observing, envisioning, innovating through exploration, and reflective self-evaluation – and linking them to the creation of personal and societal change.  The article also talks about the blurring of gender boundaries that often results from participation in the arts.

Here’s an excerpt:

 The shiny coach bus rumbled to a stop just in front of a small, white bungalow bearing a faded green sign reading:  Camp Office.  Our chaperone, a freshly scrubbed college kid charged with maintaining some sense of order on the four-hour caravan ferrying fifty boys from the metropolitan New York-New Jersey area to the quaint confines of Brewster, Massachusetts, gave us our marching orders:  check in, unload, and head off to tryouts.


A digital version of the magazine can be found here …

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