New Article: Letters From My Campers, Part II

The new edition of Camping Magazine features the second of my two-part series highlighting SADD’s groundbreaking research on the influence of caring mentors in the lives of young people.  While Part I addressed camp directors, Part II focuses on camp counselors, seeking to broaden their understanding of the critical role they will play this summer. 

Here’s an excerpt.

At the close of every season at a ceremony inside a large celebratory white tent, each counselor makes his or her way to the microphone to address an enthusiastic, if somewhat sad, throng of boys and girls holding tight to the waning hours of their summer at camp.  What many of these staff members have only recently recognized, perhaps while voting on the award they are about to present or hastily jotting down some things to say about its recipient, are the special relationships they have forged with the youth they served.

But the kids knew it all along.

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