Wallace Attends YHC Event on Teen Brains

On Monday night, April 13th, Stephen attended a Youth Health Connection’s event at Hingham High School and served as a member of five person panel to answer questions from the audience.  The featured speaker was Dr. Marisa Silveri of the Brain Imaging Center at McLean Hospital, who spoke about her groundbreaking research on adolescent brain development and the damaging effects of alcohol and other drugs on that process.  Stephen has written about brain changes in adolescence in two of his columns, Snap!
How Split-Second Decisions Imperil Youth
 and Short Circuit –
Hormones, Hobgoblins and Adolescent Neurochemistry
.  He will be the keynote speaker at the Youth Health Connection’s May 6th event to be held at Thayer Academy, talking about his book, Reality Gap, and the critical role of effective parent-child communication in keeping teens safe.  For more information about the event, click here.

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